Wireline Radial Cutting Torch Operation to Cut Stuck Coiled Tubing in Middle East



  • 2” inch Coiled Tubing Stuck at 8644 ft
  • 70 degree well trajectory
  • Cut in vacuum well
  • Convince client to follow correct procedure
  • Organize many people during operation to work together as a team


  • Use wireline RCT Deployment
  • Excellent planning at wellsite and town for everybody to work as a team
  • Clean and non-flared


One of key Oil & Gas operators in Middle East conducted an onshore coiled tubing operation to stimulate injection zone. The coiled tubing which became stuck at 8644 ft. After multiple attempts to free the coiled for three weeks, which was unsuccessful, the operator moved quickly to mobilize the MCR Radial Cutting Torch (RCT)  location.

Series of operational meetings was conducted in town and wellsite with all relevant 3rd parties to ensure a successful operation, since this was high profile and need to secure upper injection zone.

The coiled tubing had to be cut on surface to allow a wireline pressure control system, to be rigged up on top of coiled tubing as a well barrier during wireline RCT operation.

Prior to RCT deployment, the coiled need to be punch with PTC and circulate with water to ensure the success of cutting operation with RCT.

As a result, the coiled tubing was successfully cut by 1.0” RCT safely at depth of 7400 ft . It produced a clean and non flared cut. The success of this operation enabled the operator to secure the well and move forward to next operation