Download Brochure: Daya Maxflo_Wireline Intervention Sub (WIS) Brochure

is designed by experienced drilling and wireline experts to enable safe well control during wireline operations.

The short animation will explain the application of WIS.

Well Intervention Solutions’ focus is on developing safer technologies to maintain and improve Process safety on Drilling Rigs.

In the oil and gas industry, drilling into the earth to collect resources from reservoirs within the ground is common practice.  Often, and for various reasons, the drill string becomes stuck downhole.  Stuck pipe situations prevent the drill rig from continuing operations, resulting in costly downtime.  Therefore it is critical to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Currently, there exists a lack of industry-wide standards for pipe recovery.  Poor well control during wireline intervention can lead to disaster.  Many Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) incidents are caused by a lack of control over the well, torque release and possible spillages while wireline operations take place.

Additionally, operators are presently unable to safely pull and/or rotate the bottom hole assembly during pipe recovery operations using traditional wireline methods.  This means that, amongst other effects, the wireline must be removed before the result of freeing the stuck pipe is known.  Also, the use of additional equipment, such as long bails, pump-in sub and exposed high pressure mud lines are currently required for pipe recovery.  Further, there are a number of control issues with High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) wells with the current under-designed wireline intervention solutions.

The Wireline Intervention Sub (WIS) attempts to overcome at least in part the aforementioned disadvantages of previous wireline intervention apparatus and techniques


1. Pipe Recovery Operations

  • Free point indicator (FPIT)
  • Back off operation
  • Mechanical Pipe Cutter
  • Explosives Cutter
  • RCT Operation
  • Chemical Cutter
  • Drill pipe severing

2. Pressurized cement bond evaluation (CBL)
3. Pump down Operations in horizontal wells
4. Perforating
5. OH/CH logging

6. Open Hole Formation Evaluation In Pressurised Mud Cap Wireline Logging 


Features & Benefits

  • Safe and Simple Rig Up
  • Does not require additional personnel, Operator will need rig crew ONLY to rig up WIS
  • Ability to verify pipe recovery before pulling wireline out of hole
  • Compatible with industry recognized Grease Injection Systems
  • Compatible with industry recognized Dual Pack-Off systems
  • Ability to cut wireline in case of an emergency
  • Eliminates use of Pump In Sub and HP Kill Line on rig floor
  • Eliminates the need to change to long Bails for pipe recovery
  • Clean and safe working area on rig floor

Certifications & Specifications

WIS Certifications



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