Our DMAXIAN Team  (Arthur Sam, Mazliana Ahmad Jafri, Noor Nadiah, Abdul Rahman, Nur Iezlilyanie, Sharul Nizam Baharom) arrived at Al-Fikrah Homecare around 4pm June 12, 2018. It is located in Kajang which is approximately 45 minutes drive from our Kuala Lumpur office.

They assist the less fortunate people by providing a chance to feel and enjoy the love of a family, with a tagline of “Nobody Meant to be Left Behind. Everyone Deserves a Family”. 

The homecare is a charity organization and helps patients requires long term treatments, transit care as well as homeless persons. Currently they have 70 plus persons and supported by 12 dedicated workers and social workers.

Our team bought many items (both food and household items) which contributed by our company as well as our staffs. In additional, we also organized a Iftar  dinner with them.  We hope that we could bring them some joy and happiness during this holy Ramadan month.

The Head of homecare (Tuan Haji Azmi) showed  us their farm and orchard behind the homecare.

Our team enjoyed their Karaoka session by Rahim, Ishak Lai and a friendly occupant.

We were glad to see that a lot of kind companies and people sponsored the building, transportation as well as the daily expenses to the homecare.