Successfully Cut 3.5″ Tubing In Between Two Packers for Workover Operation



  • Cutting depth was located between two production packers.
  • 5” 9.2 # N-80 Tubing under compression
  • Min restriction of 2.81in
  • Suspected tubing are Buckling
  • Three unssuccsesful mechanical cutter attempts


  • Deployed 2.0in RCT and 1 11/16” PTC
  • Rapid response from local team


Oil & Gas operators in Asia planned to workover the wells by removing the existing dual completion tubing in the wells and recompleted with new completion string.  

However, the mechanical cutter, was unsuccessful after cutting at three different depths at the long string. These cutting area were located between two completion packers. Hence, client gave a short notice and mobilized the MCR Radial Cutting Torch (RCT)  to wellsite.

Meetings were conducted with all parties to ensure a successful operation. The operation was conducted on the hydraulic workover unit which has limited foot print for equipment to be rig up.  Prior to RCT operation, the Perforating Torch Cutter (PTC) were run to ensure the RCT tool stabilized during cutting process to cut 3.5inch tubing

As a result, the production tubing in long string  was successfully cut with 2.0 inch RCT at depth of 2091mMD which is 3ft above previous mechanical cutter cut point on the first attempt. It produced a clean and non flared cut as per picture below. The success of this operation  enabled the operator to pull out the old completion tubing and move forward to next operation .

3.5” 9.2 # N-80 Tubing (Clean Cut)