Successful Pipe Recovery operation utilizing SMART SUB



Retrieve Radioactive Sources in horizontal section, Free Stuck BHA by Safe pipe recovery operation, always Maintain full well control, Back-Off as close as to Stuck point. Verify free pipe.


Enable Wireline entry while Driller have full control on Stuck BHA through Top Drive System being able to Pump down wireline tool in horizontal section for Radioactive Source fishing Pull / Rotate / Pump using SMART SUB – designed to enable Safe and simplified Pipe Recovery Operations.

Successful and safe retrieval of Radioactive sources and Back-Off operation, achieved 2 joints above the Stuck point resulting in Free BHA at first attempt.


Location: Myanmar
Job Date: 01-Jun-2021
Stuck Depth: 3891m (BHA depth)
Max Dev: 51deg

BHA was stuck during drilling at 3891m, after several times working the BHA mechanically it was finally decided to proceed with Pipe recover Operation trying to locate Free Point and Back-Off as close as possible to stuck depth.

Using SMART SUB on rig floor enabled safe and successful recovery of Radioactive sources in horizontal section by Pump Down operation and Back-Off operation in first attempt 2 joints above the stuck point as planned:

  • Enabled Wireline rig up through the side Entry while connected to Top Drive system (TDS) via a Drill pipe from center hole.
  • Enabled Safe Well Control at all times.
  • Enabled pump down operation for Radioactive source recovery in horizontal section.
  • Enabled Driller to apply Over-Pull On stuck BHA through TDS.
  • Enabled Driller to apply Left Hand Torque through Swivel below the SMART SUB via Rotary table
  • Achieved Back-Off first attempt

Client Feedback: Good tool, fit for purpose and saved Rig Time.

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