Successful Non Explosive Radial Cutting Torch and Perforating Torch Cutter Operation to Cut 1.75” Coiled Tubing in Challenging Condition



  • 1 ¾ inch Coiled Tubing Stuck at 3488m
  • 77Deg Deviation well
  • temperature 302deg F
  • CT stucked across main reservoir
  • Unknown free point depth
  • Traces of cement outside the CT
  • Limited overpull capacity


  • RFM run on slickline
  • Introduce friction reducer inside Coiled Tubing to assist tool to reach maximum depth without pumping
  • Circulate the fluid to reduce the well temperature
  • Puncher (CPT1) run to allow fluid circulation
  • RCT cut below perforation zone


One of key oil and gas operators conducted offshore coiled tubing operation to isolate the bottom plug prior to perforate and produce from new zone. The operator deployed 1 ¾” tapered coiled tubing had stuck at 3488m. After multiple attempts to free the coiled was unsuccessful.

Series of operation meeting has been organized in town with multiple parties to ensure the success of operation. The objective was to cut and retrieve the coiled as deep as possible to save the upper reservoir zone. The free point depth was not able to be determined due to highly deviated well.

Based on the Remote Firing Mechanism’s (RFM) pressure and temperature log, the recorded temperature was at tool operating limit.

Following the logging run, a puncher run was initiated to establish fluid circulation below the cutting point. The activation parameter of tools has been set accordingly to allow safe and activation of puncher and cutter downhole by battery.

As a result, the 1.75” coiled tubing has been cut free by 7/8” RCT cutter safely and produce clean cut without any swell. It was found traces of cement at the one side of the coiled tubing when it recovered to surface. The success of this operation enable the operator to move forward to perforate the and produce from this reservoir.

 Daya Maxflo_MCR RCT PTC RFM Cut Coil Tubing Coiled

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Download: Success Story- MCR RCT Radial Cutting Torch and PTC Puncher Operation to Cut Stuck Coil Tubing Remote Firing Mechanism RFM