Successful Cutting 2-7/8” End of Tubing using Non Explosive Radial Cutting Torch in Tandem with Electromechanical Anchor in Oil Well


•  To cut 2-7/8” tail pipe below packer
•  27 Deg deviation
•  Narrow cutting window (1 meter)
•  Required a clean cut
•  High Profile Well

•  Evaluate the EOT condition with downhole camera
•  1-11/16” RCT in combination with 1.5” EMA


One of the client in Asia Pacific region is facing a restriction at the end of the tubing (EOT) and required an access to the reservoir for future intervention work. The plan is to cut the 2-7/8” tail pipe below the packer and let it drop into the rat hole. Client already performed two cutter runs with other service provider, however it unable to cut the tail pipe.

Daya Maxflo has been called to assist the operation and 
downhole camera was deployed until the cutting area to inspect the tubing condition. Based on the downhole camera result, Daya come out with the proposal to deploy Radial Cutting Torch (RCT) together with Electromechanical Anchor (EMA).

1-11/16” RCT was deployed together with EMA until the target depth at 1868m . Once correlation pass verified by the engineer and tools has been confimed anchored, RCT was initiated from surface using E-line panel. As a result, the tail pipe was  successfully cut with only one single run and client able to proceed with the next perforation job as per plan.