Successful 2″ Coil Tubing Recovery in Natuna Sea


•  2″ Coil Tubing stuck due to runaway after cement job
•  Top of cement 9,950ftMD
•  45.56 Deg deviation
•  No circulation
•  8.3ppg fluid
•  Restricted rig up heights

•  PTC/RCT deployed utilizing slim hole E-line running gear
•  Rapid mobilization


One of the key Oil & Gas operators in Natuna Sea conducted an offshore coil tubing operation for cementing. The operator deployed 2” OD tapered Coil Tubing (CT) to dump cement as one of the sequences of CTD prework. After completion of the cementing job, the CT was pulled out of hole, during that time, when approaching a depth of 7,324 ftMD, CT reel was moving and suddenly a runaway happened. The estimated top of cement was 9,950ftMD. After multiple attempts to free the coil, which was unsuccessful, the operator moved quickly to moblize the Radial Cutting Torch (RCT) system offshore.

Challenging downhole conditions, no circulation, well losses, 8.3ppg fluid, 46.56 Deg deviation and limited rig up height.

Series of operational meetings was conducted in town with with all relevant 3rd parties to ensure a successful operation, since this was the first time for the operator facing this.

The coil tubing had to be cut on surface to allow a E line pressure control system, to be rigged up on top of coil tubing injector head.

As a result, the coil tubing was successfully cut by 1” RCT safely at a depth of 9,936ftMD producing a clean and non flared cut. The success of this operation enabled the operator to secure the well and move forward to next operation.