Success Story: Wireline Intervention Sub (WIS) Enabled Open Hole Formation Evaluation In Pressurized Mud Cap Wireline Logging



  • Critical formation evaluation data
  • High potential for mud losses
  • Well Control
  • Contingency to pipe stuck


  • Safe and Simple Rig Up
  • Small foot print
  • 10Kpsi pressure rating
  • Eliminate Long Bails
  • No additional crew to operate WIS

Successful Results

  • ZERO HSE incident
  • Completed nine open hole logging
  • Well is stable during wireline logging
  • Cost efficient
  • Meet Formation Evaluation objective


One of key Oil operators in Asia conducted drilling operation utilizing Managed Pressure Drilling Method (MPD) to reach targeted zone. Series of open hole logging runs are included as part of critical formation evaluation program.

Wells were drilled and logged with this technique which require a constant monitoring and adjustment of borehole pressure using the drilling mud system; due to the risk of total loss or sudden kicks associated with this method of drilling.

As the risk of cancellation of wireline logging run is higher with conventional system, the operator has decided to rig up the WIS system to enable the wireline and drilling fluid pumped into the well simultaneously.

Driller and rig crew customised the WIS rig up to suit the rig and MPD system, wireline crew used their standard pressure control equipment for this job and no additional equipment had to be mobilised. Nine wireline logging runs included complex and heavy tools string were completed without any issues or delays for the rig.

Having the WIS system throughout the wireline operation enable the operator to collect formation data which previously not possible.

WIS is also part of contingency equipment for pipe recovery operation during drilling operation.

WIS_Pressurized Mud Cap Wireline Logging