SMART SUB features an innovative system available for multiple operations. It provides well control and allow wireline operations through a side entry without interference with drilling rig’s top drive system. It’s unique design is compatible with all industry recognized grease injection and pack off systems. It is designed to comply with API specifications and undergo extensive qualification testing to ensure full functionality.



  • Dual Side Entry
  • 3 1/2" ID Side Entry - Enable Wireline Tool Entry from top
  • Real Time Pressure Monitoring
  • API-6A Specifications
  • Lifting Cap
  • Lifting Weight
  • Floater or Jack up enabler
  • Pipe Recovery Operations
  • Pressurized Cement Evaluation
  • Pump Down Operations
  • MPD Wireline Logging
  • Thru Bit Logging
  • Slickline Operation


  • Safe and simple rig up
  • Keeps the wireline a safe distance from the traveling block and top drive
  • Wireline tools can be deployed through the top side
  • Allows pumping and circulation at any time during wireline operations
  • Does not require additional personnel to operate
  • Provides additional well control during Wireline operation
  • Eliminates requirement to change to long bails
  • Eliminates requirement of unnecessary equipment such as Shooting Nipple, Pump In Sub and HP mud line on rig floor
  • Enable safe tensile pull on the drill pipe
  • Enables driller to apply torque on the drill pipe
  • Prevents drilling fluid spill on rig floor
  • Wipes wireline clean as it is pulled from the well