Slim RCT Cut 1.5” Coiled Tubing Stuck During Milling Operation at Offshore Location



  • 1.5″ Coiled Tubing Recovery


  • 81in ID minimum restriction


  • 75” RCT and PTC deployed with E-Line running gear


  • Zero HSE Incident
  • 100% efficency
  • The coil tubing was successfully cut & recovered.


An Oil & Gas operator in the South East Asia deployed 1.5in Coiled Tubing (CT) for milling operation during plug and abandonment (P&A) campaign. The coiled tubing was stuck inside 2-7/8” production tubing at 12,753ft during milling operation. The coil tubing remained stuck even after downhole mechanical release sub was activated.

The coil tubing was QT-800 type with 0.109in wall thickness. The restriction of 0.81in was at the downhole dimple connection. Hydrostatic pressure at cutting depth is 3310psi with max deviation of 62 deg.

Daya Maxflo was called to mobilize the 0.75in MCR Radial Cutting Torch Package including Perforation Torch System to offshore to ensure the tool string was able to pass through the minimum restriction to execute the coiled tubing recovery operation in safe and timely manner

The entire operation went very smooth safely as planned and the cut coiled tubing was free after two days crew arrived at location.  This was an outstanding result for punching and cutting of the stuck coiled as the result Daya Maxflo has been preferred by operator to support future RCT service provider.