RCT Successfully Cut 5in Drill Pipe



  • Cut 5.0” Drill pipe at free point.



  • Coated pipe with TK34P component.
  • Open ended BHA introducing uncertainty to the punched holes confirmation.


  • Performed an integrated approach with Wireline Free Point Tool.


  • ZERO HSE Incident.
  • Single Run
  • Clean cut of Drill pipe was observed on surface .
  • Rig able to recover the requested DPs in shorter time in comparison with explosive operation.


One of the major Oil & Gas operators in Middle East had a stuck drill pipe situation for one week.

After cutting stuck 7 in Liner in Open Hole, they attempted to fish the bottom part and got immediately stuck with the Fishing BHA and 5 in #19.5 G105 Drill Pipe.

In order to improve the success rate, a Free Point to ascertain where was free point prior to Radial Cutting Torch (RCT)/ Perforating Torch Cutter (PTC).

The operator was advised and decided to cut at 100% free pipe, located @ 6,617’ MD and 64-degree inclination.

Prior to the cut, a 2-15/16” PTC was ran 5 feet below in order to establish circulation under the RCT. Punched holes were confirmed by a decrease of 300 psi in the standpipe pressure while circulation 380 gpm.

After the PTC run, the 2-15/16” RCT conveyed by wireline, was run to cutting depth and activated. Although no drop was initially observed on the Rig M/D indicator, the tool was retrieved to surfaced on fired condition and the DP was released after applying 22,000 lbs-ft of torque and fully recovered to surface.

The result was totally satisfactory for our client. With no HSE Incidents, clean cut of 5 in Drillpipe was observed on surface. Eventually, our client was able to resume their sidetrack program without the use of explosives.