Rapid Mobilisation of Non-Explosive Puncher Enable Customer to Complete Cement Squeeze Operation at Remote Offshore Location



  • Restriction of 3.313” ID
  • Slickline / memory conveyance
  • Challenging to mobilise explosive in country
  • Unknown well history


  • Non-explosive puncher on memory coveyance


Over 40 fruitful years of oil production, the wells have come to the stage of Plug and Abandonment. Due to unknown well condition and well history after multiple handovers within operator and old well condition, client was unable to slide open the SSD as initial plan for cement squeeze, hence the tubings have to be punched above SSD for this operation.

The primary option for puncher was to use Mechanical Puncher tool, however due to the restriction of 3.313 inches of 5-1/2” production tubing, client had to look for alternative to make a hole to complete the P&A. Client had decided to call out 2-15/16” Non-Explosive Perforation Torch Cutter (PTC), which can be conveyed with Slickline via Remote Firing Mechanism (RFM)

With the immediate call out and Daya Maxflo managed to make a quick turnaround, mobilise the PTC via commercial flight and chopper to the offshore location. Our client had successfully achieved his target to complete 4 wells within 8 days, managed to rig down and demobilse everything just right before the monsoon hit. A single PTC run is able to create dual holes on 5-1/2” production tubing, with total flow area of 7.5 in2 , sufficient for a cement squeezing job.

Perforating Torch Cutter (PTC) fired via Remote Firing System (RFM)
Two holes with 7.5 in2 flow area with one  PTC run