Rapid Deployment of Memory PTC Puncher on Coiled Tubing Reinstate Back Gas Well Production as Main Supply for Gas Injector Well



  • Highly deviated well (77 degree)
  • Coil tubing memory conveyance
  • Required minimum flow area of 3.8-sqinch


  • Non-explosive puncher on memory conveyance


One of major oil and gas operator has urgent need to reinstate back the gas production from one of the main gas producer wells due to increase of water production. This well acted as the main source for gas injector well to keep the other oil wells on production target. The objective above will only be possible to be achieved either by opening the sliding side door (SSD) or create new punched hole after the water shutoff operation.

Hence,the client requested to deployed 2.5inch Non explosive Perforation Torch Tool (PTC) since neither open the SSD nor create hole on the tubing with explosive puncher are not possible in this operation.

Our team responded with an immediate call out and managed to completed the load out to location. The Perforating Torch Cutter PTC tool was run in tandem with MCR Remote Firing Mechanism Tools (RFM) at the end of 1.5in coiled tubing as a mean to convey the tools and activate the PTC tool at the area of interest. There were two PTC runs had been performed and managed to achieve minimum flow area of 3.8sqinch as initially requested by client. A total of 4.4sqinch has been produced as resulted of this operation which beyond our customer expectation. 

The result of the holes created by the PTCs has created the communication between the tubing and the reservoir. Then
tremendous increase in the tubing head pressure was observed. The gas production has been reinstated back and supplied to
other wells in the field. This enable entire platform to continue to produce.