Radial Cutting Torch Enable Customer to Cut and Release Stuck Drill Pipe on Workover Operation



  • To cut 3.5″ Drill Pipe stuck inside 7 inch production casing 


  • In complete drill pipe record
  • Live well with surface pressure of 700psi
  • Min ID is 2.1 inch


  • Use XRT-1750 to cut the stuck BHA (slim version cutter for small restriction)


  • Zero HSE incident
  • Immediate mobilisation upon request
  • Job completed in three days
  • Eliminate the requirement to redress top of fish


One of the key Oil & Gas operators in Asia conducted onshore workover operation to restore a gas well. The operation required to mill the bridge plug that isolated the production zones. Unfortunately, the 3.5 inch drill pipe stuck due to cuttings around the drill pipe.

Due to the restriction of 2.1 inch and uncertain of drill pipe thickness on the milling BHA, the option to use an explosive cutter was not feasible, hence the MCR Oil Tools’ Radial Cutting Torch (RCT) packages were requested to be onboard to perform the cut.

Prior to cutter run, customer agreed to make a puncher run (PTC 1 11/16”) to establish a circulation port to kill the well with 5bpm.

The tubing was cut using Slim 1.75 inch RCT tools run on E-line after 48 hours from the first customer call. The entire operation was completed within three days and this enable customer to resume the operation.

This great team effort has made this operation a great success. This allowed customer to continue with workover plan without redress top of fish.