The love for fats and bad carbohydrates and a sedentary lifestyle has made Malaysians win the contest as the fattest country in the south-east Asia. This has negative effect on the population and only fitness and health habits can help to reverse the issue. Fitness and health are key important factors for individual performance and personal enhancement. Exercising is linked to better mood, health, weight management and motivation, also physical exercise is the only true stress removal mechanism that we can use for our body, which actually works. The Malaysian society is always on the move, but only in the literal meaning. Most work is done on a chair, sedentary, and stress builds up making people want to eat more without actually using those calories. Calories of which are not from good sources. Our eating habits are not in line with what the body actually needs, but what the cravings call. Often then needed, workers are eating chocolates, biscuits, deep fried snacks, drinking sugary, sport juices or carbonated drinks without having an idea that excessive consumption of such products is detrimental to health. In the long run it leads to weight management problems, metabolic syndrome, increases risk of cancer and more. Daya Maxflo recognizes this issue that affects the whole country and is ready to be an example and act for the change by conducting a weekly fitness program in which all their workers could participate. This aims to instill positive behavior towards eating and exercising habits for better health, mood and performance. The program winner will be the one who has accomplished the highest change in weight. However, it should be noted that the idea of the program is not to only have people to lose weight as weight alone is not a measure of health. Exercising and good eating habits even without dropping much weight, can cause drastic health improvements. At the end of the program everyone should be motivated to follow have a healthy lifestyle to influence their families and friends and also to finally understand that it is not about how they look or weigh but mostly about how they feel from the inside.