By Jeyedeswaran Ganasan (Daya Maxflo Intern & Project Organizer)

Daya Maxflo practices first priority in ensuring the balance of our staff’s work-life and well-being. Hence, to enhance this bond, on August 29th 2015, Daya Maxflo hosted a fun bowling tournament among Daya Group subsidiaries at The Ballroom, NU Sentral. Employees from Daya Materials Berhad, Daya OCI, Daya Secadyme  and Daya Maxflo participated in this tournament to represent their company.

These employees were split into teams of 5, and then assigned in their respective lanes. The participating employees showed a high level of enthusiasm by showcasing their set of skills which consist of different style and strategies. As expected, progressing with time, the teams became more competitive, resulting in intense trial on strikes and spares, along with loud cheers from others, which managed to create a great sense of fellowship among the participating employees.

Last but not least, at the closing of the event, we announced the highest scores and presented prizes as a token of appreciation and motivation. The event ended with a delighting lunch buffet. Regardless of the scores, the event managed to strengthen the bond while providing a great time for all of us. We will definitely choose to come back here again next year, as this was a golden opportunity to earn more experience and widen our social circle in a fun way.