Our teambuilding session was held at Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya in Bentong, Pahang and came out with full team building from 23rd till 24th August 2014.

A journey of love back to nature..
Briefly, this tagline has been used to show how Tanah Aina Resort offers an unforgettable authentic eco-tourism experience set in the deep rainforest jungle of Malaysia without guests having to entirely give up on modern comforts. The name ‘Aina’ in itself is taken from the name of the founder and owner who is an avid environmentalist.

Our team building package comes with a trainer, facilitators for each group, assistance for bag check-in and participants registration. At the end of session, each participant will return home bringing a DIY keychain as souvenir and a certification of participation Themes available for team building:
1. Military theme
2. Pirate theme
3. Tribal Red Indian theme

We had assigned to use a theme of Tribal Red Indian theme. The group has been divided into 3 groups; APACHE, BLACKFEET & CHEROKEE.

Daya Maxflo Team Building at Tanah Aina
It was clear that everyone enjoyed themselves and also contributed to our becoming better friends, better teammates and better colleagues. The creativity so many people showed, as well as the courage in taking on tasks we had never before done, was a great thing to see and participate in. We had so much laughter and good natured fun in a group. It was GREAT.

Here is our program for team building:-
7.00am – Assemble at Daya Maxflo Office and depart by bus.
9.30am – Reach at Tanah Aina (welcome Drink and registration)
10.30am-11.30am – DMSB briefing (slide presentation)
11.30am – 12.30noon – Activities (Ice Breaking)
12.30noon – Lunch
2.30pm – 4.30pm – Activity Leap of Faith (Jungle Trekking to waterfall)
4.30pm – Evening Tea
5.30pm – 6.30pm – Activity (Survival Cooking)
7.30pm – 9.00pm – BBQ Dinner
9.30pm – 10.30pm – Activity (Spaghetti Marshmallow)
10.30pm – Sleep


6.45am – 7.30am – Activity (Peak into paradise – Morning walk)
7.30am – 9am – Breakfast
9.00am – 11.00am – Activity (Adventure Race)
11.30am – Pack up
12.30noon – 1.00pm – Closing program and summary (hand over certificate)
1.00pm – Depart from Tanah Aina
1.30pm – 2.30pm – Lunch at Bentong
4.00pm – The end