1” Radial Cutting Torch Cut Stuck Coiled Tubing Under Compression After One Year of Operation Suspension



  • 2” Coiled Tubing Stuck at 3,800m
  • Deviation 10.95 Deg ̊
  • 5 ppg Brine
  • 3668psi @ 1720m
  • Temperature 205 ̊ F
  • Min Restriction 1.06 inch
  • Continuos pressure surface pressure built up
  • Stringent Lithuim battery importation regulations
  • CT suspected under compression


  • 1 “ PTC and 1” RCT Deployed  .
  • Customize BHA design
  • Precise and details pre job planning with all parties to mitigage all job associated risks


One of the key Oil & Gas operators in Asia conducted an offshore coiled tubing (CT) operation, which became stuck while pulling out of hole upon completion of cement plug operation at 4,000m+. Based on the CT stretch calculation it was expected the stuck depth was at 3800m+. Due to time constraint and limited equipment onboard customer had decided to cut the CT at surface and temporary suspend the operation

Daya Maxflo was invited by customer to share the experience and expertise to cut the stuck coiled tubing as deep as possible.

The operation has been resumed after one year of suspension to prepare for intervention plan and equipment readiness. Prior to run the 1in MCR Radial Cutting Torch (RCT), a Perforation Torch Cutter (PTC) has been deployed to punch below propose cutting depth to stabilise the RCT during activation.

The CT has been successfuly cut at depth 1700m and this enable customer to move forward with fishing operation plan. Since the RCT is categorize as Non- Hazmat and Non Explosive, thefore is has create significant flexibilty for customer to mobalize the equipment from different country. The success of this RCT operation has been recognized by  customer higher management.