Daya Maxflo Sdn Bhd, is the specialized oilfield service company for drilling, well intervention, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and production enhancement.

Our main products are EV downhole video camera, MCR Oil Tool Radial Cutting Torch (RCT)-a non-explosive cutter and puncher, Drill Cool Mud Coolers, BRI Cleanup Dynamic Desander, Jorin Visual Process Analysers (VIPA), Rexonic Ultrasonic Stimulation Tool and Wellfix Enzyme EOR and Corrosion Prevention & Removal System (CPRS), Wireline Intervention Solutions (WIS).

Our main aim is to achieve USD30.0 Millions Sales a year!

Daya Maxflo Sdn Bhd is also a subsidiary of  Daya Materials Berhad, a Public Listed Company in Bursa Malaysia (Code: 0091).

Daya Maxflo

The extensive range of Products & Services offered by Daya Maxflo are globally recognized, industry approved and utilized by clients demanding the highest levels of quality, safety, durability and performance. Daya Maxflo is dedicated to providing our clients in Malaysia and throughout Asia with leading edge technology to maximize drilling and improve production.

Daya Maxflo is owned, operated and managed by a group of industry professionals with substantial oil & gas experience & technical expertise that have been involved in the Malaysia and Asia Pacific energy industry since 1975.